“Susan B. Anthony has provided me structure.  The program encourages me to continue growing in my recovery and as a mother.  Without SBA, I would  not have the confidence I have or be where I am at in my life today”. – Jessica M

“I’ve received a lot of positive push in the right direction.  I’ve finally taken time in my life to move in the right direction and, all the staff has helped me.  Thank you, SBA, for changing my life!! “ – Kristina J

“Being at SBA has given me a chance to bond with my daughter, and I’m finding out who I really am”. – Devan P

“In my journey of recovery, Susan B Anthony has made it much easier for me to cope with my struggles in life. They have shown me lots of love and empathy. I am very grateful for this program.” – Melissa M.

I freaking love the Susan B Anthony recovery center and everyone that works there. Without SBA I wouldn’t be where I am today. They saved my life and showed me how to live a better one. I hope more mothers that struggle with addiction find their way to SBA like I did. – Krystyna P

I am eternally grateful for what SBA did for me. I will cherish the experience for the rest of my brand new life. Christine A

I went there 15 years ago and Have been clean since! Miss Segal and other therapist taught me how to love myself and how to live life again! They gave me the tools to stay clean and how to deal with my issues!! Thank you!! – Tammy M

Thank you, SBA for saving my life, teaching me how to juggle being a mom and staying clean. With your help I will be celebrating 3 years clean in June, graduating from school with my AS in Paralegal Studies and starting my BAS in Business Supervision and Management. This place gave me all the tools I needed to become a productive member of society. After struggling for 10 years I didn’t think I would ever be drug-free. The staff, girls, and everyone are my family. – Sarah M

This program saved my life. It helped me to become a better person and a better mother – Chelsey C

I Really Appreciate This Program, It Changed My Whole Life. I Love You Guys At Susan B. Anthony – Neisha

This saved my life and brought my family back together..Thank you – Heather A