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Agencies and referring providers should consider Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center for a client with children who may be suffering from substance abuse or trauma and mental health issues. Moreover, our staff takes pride in helping these families overcome the obstacles ahead through proven and effective treatment.

We are CARF accredited and provide the highest quality addiction treatment for women in Florida today. We accept most major health plans, along with private pay clients. Furthermore, we work closely with many government and local agencies, including the DCF, DOC, The United Way, and Broward County.

Why Referring Providers Should Contact Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center

At Susan B. Anthony, we stand by our clients at all times, ensuring their safety and comfort during the rehab process. In fact, each and every individual at our facility will the resources they deserve to begin treatment with confidence.

Our goal is to remove the barriers for women entering treatment. Therefore, we prevent foster care placement for their children and put an end to the cycle of addiction and abuse. For agencies and referring providers, learn more today by contacting our friendly staff at 866-641-8986.

Learn More About Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center

Susan B. Anthony is one of the only full-service recovery centers in the country today. Furthermore, we provide residential rehab to women and their children. We also provide treatment for pregnant women who are struggling with substance abuse in their life. For example, our programs include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Addiction therapy services
  • Employee substance abuse
  • Career and educational services

As you can see, our services include a full range of therapeutic options that will help women find success in recovery. By treating both a mental health disorder and addiction, we will find the root causes of their problem to promote an exciting and healthy future.

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