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Employee substance abuse treatment is a perfect way for an employer to seek help for a staff member. Specifically, drug abuse in the workplace can cause major problems for a business. From lost productivity to workplace accidents, business owners want to avoid these issues at all costs while protecting their employees and their wellbeing.

By seeking employee substance abuse treatment, you are not only helping protect your business, but also providing the support and encouragement your staff member needs to overcome addiction.

Why Employee Substance Abuse Treatment Works

At Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, we strongly believe in fresh starts. Furthermore, many people facing addiction don’t recognize they have a problem in the first place.

Your support and trust in your employees can make all the difference. In fact, a supportive environment is the foundation to the recovery process. By empowering your employee to make a positive change in their life, they will have all the confidence in the world during rehabilitation.

As an employer, you may notice signs of substance abuse in the office. However, you may believe in this employee’s talent and abilities. As a result, an employee substance abuse treatment program will give you the peace of mind that your staff member can recover safely and return to work.

Treatment Programs At Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center

At our recovery center, we offer a variety of treatment programs and therapies. In addition, we provide invaluable support, training, and treatment for mothers and pregnant women who are struggling with substance abuse. For example, our treatment modalities include:

  • Addiction therapy services
  • Rehab for women
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Individual and group counseling

By implementing a variety of treatments and therapies, we can find the root causes of addiction for the best chance at successful recovery.

Learn More About Our Unique Programs

No one should ever have to face substance abuse alone. If you are an employer who has substance abuse concerns with a staff member, reach out to our friendly staff today. In fact, we’re here to help through proven and effective employee substance abuse treatment. For more information, contact Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center today at 866-641-8986.

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