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Your Greatness is Not What You Have, It’s What You Give.

Do you have an interest in helping Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center continues to transform the lives of women and their families? We’re always looking for support and resources within our South Florida community. Within this volunteer information, you will recognize a variety of ways you can give back and help those in need. There are many different ways to lend a helping hand to the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center. For example, you can donate your time, money, or items.

Giving Back and Making A Difference

As a nonprofit, we rely on funding from federal, state, and local governments. However, this is unfortunately not enough for us to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Specifically, recovery is a lifelong journey that requires support, encouragement, training, and treatment. At Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, we work with these families to ensure they overcome the challenges of addiction in a comfortable and supportive environment. However, many families don’t have the financial means or essential items they deserve during the rehabilitation process.

Therefore, your donations can make all the difference. We are very passionate in our mission to transform the lives of mothers and their children to live responsible, drug-free lives. Moreover, the strength to heal is within all of us and your support will provide further resources for families at our facility.

By donating your time, money, or essential items, you are helping these women enter treatment with the peace of mind they deserve. Furthermore, no one should ever have to face addiction or substance abuse alone.

Volunteer Information and Application Process

If you would like to donate items to our guests, please visit our Susan B. Anthony wish list. This will give you a variety of items you can donate that will help those in need at our facility. In addition, you can also donate money online to help us further improve our treatment, therapies, housing, and staffing opportunities. However, we recognize that many people don’t have the resources to donate items or money, but still want to help. As a result, the volunteer program will give you the opportunity to work with us to ensure the safety and comfort of each individual who enters our recovery center.

If you have an interest in volunteering, apply today through our volunteer application. For more information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us today at 866-641-8986.

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