Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women & Mothers with Children

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Programs For Pregnant Mothers

The one thing that every expectant mother who suffers from addiction should do is get help! Susan B. can help you get clean and sober during pregnancy, even if it’s late in the game.

Our staff is here 24/7 to provide the support and treatment necessary during your pregnancy to assist you in your recovery. We offer a caring and helpful environment to enable you to focus on becoming the sober parent you were meant to be.

Sometimes life takes a turn for which we are not prepared. Susan B. is here to help you navigate the path of becoming a parent and remaining drug-free. We will assist you in finding a doctor, if you don’t already have one. We offer transportation within Broward County and a companion that can travel with you for support and help.

Our residential and therapeutic addiction treatment staff are caring and compassionate and strive to support you through your recovery and pregnancy. We encourage 12 step meeting participation with many support group meetings held on our campus.

If you are in need of pregnant detox please contact our Admissions Department immediately so we can assess you for admission as soon as possible.

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  • Gender-specific adult and children programs
  • Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines
  • Lowered costs and improved outcomes
  • Integrated care management model
  • Prescription drug management
  • CARF Accredited
  • Continuous quality improvement measures
  • Information-based, cost-effective
    care coordination
  • Addressing mental health, substance abuse
    and co-occurring illnesses
  • Serving government, commercial, individual
    and self-funded groups
Most health insurance plans accepted.
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