Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women & Mothers with Children

SAMHSA Open Beds



A one-of-a-kind opportunity to restore the lives of under-served women …

We received a SAMHSA grant that let’s us offer a select group of women a unique chance to recover from addiction and keep their family together at the same time.

Minority and uninsured pregnant women and mothers with a child under 1 year old are eligible for residential treatment at no cost. In other words: a bed for mother and child as well as a real chance to break free from chemical dependency without financial burden.


If you, or someone you love, are pregnant or postpartum and struggling to keep her life and family together amid the onslaught of addiction and financial hardship, please contact us to find out how we help restore lives.

We have beds for you to sleep on. Please reach out.

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  • Gender-specific adult and children programs
  • Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines
  • Lowered costs and improved outcomes
  • Integrated care management model
  • Prescription drug management
  • CARF Accredited
  • Continuous quality improvement measures
  • Information-based, cost-effective
    care coordination
  • Addressing mental health, substance abuse
    and co-occurring illnesses
  • Serving government, commercial, individual
    and self-funded groups
Most health insurance plans accepted.
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