Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women & Mothers with Children


We remain steadfast in our mission to “transform families by providing help, hope, and healing for mothers and their children to live responsible drug-free lives.”

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Created from the vision of a small group of women in the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale in 1995, The Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center has grown from one group home, housing five mothers and six children, to a beautiful 5.5 acre campus in Pembroke Pines with the capacity to serve over sixty families. In addition, through satellite campuses, we are increasing our capacity to serve many more.

Our ultimate goals are the removal of barriers for women entering addiction treatment, the prevention of foster care placement for their children, and an end to the cycle of addiction and abuse for families.

Since we began in 1995, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center has helped to reunify over 850 families and has provided the intensive services necessary to stop the cycle of family dysfunction and substance addiction for over 1500 children.

We are the only center in South Florida that provides substance addicted mothers a safe place to start again and to keep their families together in residential units as both mother and children receive much needed treatment and support.

One of the largest barriers to entry for mothers seeking treatment is child placement. At the center we focus on supporting both the mother and child(ren). We reduce or eliminate family risk factors by promoting a positive sense of self, delivering individual and group counseling services, providing peer group activities, maintaining well defined structure and offering many opportunities for support.

Most importantly, we strive to stop the cycle of addiction by providing the most important protective factor of all, a healthy parent intervening on behalf of the child(ren) during their early development.

For nearly 20 years we have done amazing work. Yet, prescription pain killers and heroin use is on the rise, despite the efforts of many. The negative effects to our community are compounded when the addict is a mother and her children are at risk of neglect and abuse. Often, children who are prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol are also at a high risk for emotional and behavioral challenges. Without intervention, these children are much more likely to become addicts themselves, some in their early teens.

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Our Success Stories

“The Center has helped me find positive goals, dream and my inner self that I never knew existed.” -V.P.

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