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Our residential program allows you to receive treatment at the same location in which you live during rehab. At our facilities, you will have apartment-style housing with effective and proven treatment, therapy, and counseling. Residential treatment will remove you from the negative triggers, stressors, and environment so you can completely focus on recovery.


Addiction therapy services at Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center include group, family, and individual counseling. Furthermore, we offer couples counseling, trauma incident reduction sessions, psychoeducational groups, and clinical pre-post testing.


Our outpatient services will allow you to return home each night after treatment. This gives you the flexibility to maintain your daily responsibilities. You will also receive the same treatment modalities as those in a residential program.

About Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center

Since 1995, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center has helped to reunify over 850 families by providing the intensive services necessary to stop the cycle of family dysfunction and substance addiction.

Our ultimate goals are the removal of barriers for women entering addiction treatment, the prevention of foster care placement for their children, and an end to the cycle of addiction and abuse for families.

What makes us unique?

Our Team – In addition to being a really nice group of people (or so we’re told) we’re also on a mission.

Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center is only 1 of 6 facilities in the nation, and the only one in South Florida, that allows pregnant women and mothers with children access to substance abuse and mental health residential treatment. This removes the barriers to child care and prevents children from being placed in foster care.

We are proud of our legacy of delivering the best possible care for individuals in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. As a leading treatment provider in Florida, we have built strong relationships and affiliations with various state and national organizations who share our dedication to excellence in behavioral healthcare.

About the Susan B. Anthony Organization

Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center Testimonial

Help us help you…

If you are a Mom

One of the largest barriers for mothers seeking rehabilitation treatment is child care. Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center welcomes moms with their children

If you are pregnant

The one thing that every expectant mother who suffers from addiction should do is get help! Susan B. can help you get clean and sober during pregnancy, even if it’s late in the game.

If you are a Friend or Family member

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction and feel as though you’ve run out of options? Susan B. can help.


1 of only 6 facilities

We are 1 of only 6 facilities of its kind in the Nation


1,300 families reunified

1,900 +

1,900 children served

60 +

60 pregnant or parenting women & 50 children served daily

$15 million

60 babies have been born drug-free. Demonstrating an estimated savings of $15 million in the community.


We serviced 207+ families and 112 children


15 mothers received their GED


98% were employed while in treatment & at discharge

Our success

“Susan B. Anthony provided my family a safe place to live during a difficult time in my life. It gave us the help we needed to move on as a family.”

– J.P.

“I’ve received a lot of positive push in the right direction.  I’ve finally taken time in my life to move in the right direction and, all the staff has to help me.  Thank you, SBA for changing my life !!

– Kristina J.

“Being at SBA has given me a chance to bond with my daughter, and I’m finding out who I really am”

Devan P.

“In my journey of recovery, Susan B Anthony has made it much more easier for me to cope with my struggles in life. They have shown me lots of love and empathy. I am very grateful for this program.”
– A.B.

“Susan B. Anthony has provided me structure.  The program encourages me to continue growing in my recovery and as a mother.  Without SBA, I would not have the confidence I have or be where I am at in my life today.

Jessica M



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