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Our women’s addiction treatment programs at Susan B. Anthony will empower you to overcome substance abuse on a path to recovery. Moreover, you will have the support and resources to face your addiction with confidence. At our safe and comforting facility, we will provide housing, treatment, and a variety of programs to ensure your success in rehab. With our guidance and support, you will have the peace of mind to fully integrate into the rehab process.

Addiction Therapy and Treatment

Our addiction therapy services include individual, group, and family therapy. Moreover, we also offer trauma incident reduction, couples counseling, psychoeducational groups, and treatment planning. Depending on your experience with addiction, we will combine specific therapeutic service for the optimal results in recovery.

Our treatment, on the other hand, is built on residential treatment and outpatient rehab. Through residential treatment, you will live at our facility in apartment-style housing. As a result, you will be removed from the negative environment, triggers, and stressors that caused your addiction in the first place.

In outpatient rehab, you can return home each night after receiving treatment. This allows you to maintain your daily responsibilities outside of rehab.

Benefits of Our Women’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Overcoming addiction is a journey. However, there are many barriers for women with children who are facing addiction. At Susan B. Anthony, we will work with you to prevent foster care placement and bring an end to your addiction.

We provide residential housing, with children’s programs that will enhance their development during your recovery. In fact, your family will not be left behind during this difficult time. For example, we offer extensive services, including:

  • Addiction therapy services
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Rehab for women
  • Career and educational services
  • Employee substance abuse treatment

Our women’s addiction treatment programs will empower you to gain an understanding of your addiction and the process ahead. Through a daily schedule and routine, along with therapy and treatment, you will continue to grow in sobriety.

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